TA2 Race Car Rentals

Disastrous Trip- Great Results At COTA

Before we can race, we need to get the car and equipment down there. We had a catastrophic failure with our tow vehicle early in our trip, breaking the clutch/flywheel/starter motor, as well as cracking the transmission case in the process. Needless to say, we found a solution; Joe Stevens (Stevens-Miller Racing) was kind enough to rent us one of his vehicles. Lots of logistical challenges, but we made it (albeit without much sleep). Thanks SMR!!

Parked under the tent of Tom Sheehan and his great crew, the weekend was extremely enjoyable. With 52 identical cars running, the practise and test sessions were hard to read. Going into qualifying, we knew we had a good car, but did not know exactly where we stood relative to the field.

Misha Goikhberg drove a fantastic lap, qualifying second by only 0.18 seconds, and shattering the previous track record. For the race, we gambled on lots of yellows and set up the car for shorter runs. Even in hindsight, we are not sure if that was the right call, but the racing was fantastic and Misha finished a well-deserved 3rd! Thanks to the BCR crew, Mike, Zac and Bob, it was a very satisfying result given the size and depth of the field.


Watch the quali lap with Misha: