TA2 Race Car Rentals


Services available at BC RACE CARS

Race Car Rentals:

-TA2 rentals and club racing GT cars available


-transporting race cars, parts and equipment to and from the USA and Canada. Organizing the import or export documentation


– complete tube-frame chassis and rollers, custom exhausts/headers, cockpit adjustable anti-roll bars, cage fabrication, interior/sheet metal fabrication, fuel cell installation, A-arms, uprights, linkages, MIG/TIG welding of all metals, pit carts, etc. 

Repair and Preparation:

– partial to complete engine design and assembly, transmission overhauls, rear ends, shocks, pumps, brakes, dry-sump systems, power steering, cooling, suspension

– from basic maintenance to full scale rebuilds


– basic alignment to complete suspension analysis/engineering, scaling, bump steer, Ackerman steering, camber build, roll center, anti dive/squat


– book us for a track test day, let us help you achieve better performance thru structured testing and engineering

Track Support:

– let us show you a true “arrive & drive” where you may concentrate on what you love most: driving! Local club racing or US Pro racing, we can get you there!

Driver Coaching:

– we  differentiate ourselves from other driving trainers by having not only the on-track records around North America and actually racing ourselves, but with the tools at our disposal to do the job properly, no matter what the circumstances. If you don’t have telemetry or in-car footage, we can rent and install a system on the spot.

Racing Parts &  Accessories:

whether it is racing oils, tires, or racing apparel, our prices simply will not be beat! Give us a try!

Vehicle/Trailer Storage:

Our 6000 sq. foot storage building can accommodate even full size tractor trailers! Why store outside, give us a call for details!