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Mid-Ohio Struggles, disappointment at Road America for BCR

Excited about another major change in set-up philosophy, BC Race Cars headed to Mid-Ohio and Road America for the next events in the Trans-Am National Pro Championship. With limited time between racing events and the budget to test properly, we have to try to improve the car during race weekends.

At Mid-Ohio we struggled all thru practise and qualifying, not understanding why the car does not react to any of our changes. We finally traced the issue to a broken Torsen differential, but it was too late, we had to send driver Josh Hurley into the race with an uncertain set-up.

Starting 10th, Josh made his way up to 5th by half race distance. While the car wasn’t perfect, it was certainly better than what we showed in qualifying. Suddenly, he started dropping, complaining of lack of power and eventually something let go in the driveline, stranding him on the side of the track with a few laps to go. 18th was our official finishing position.

We traced the problem to a right rear hub bearing, and repaired it at the track as we were heading to Road America without coming home for shop repairs.

Road America proved far better for us where we could exploit our new set-up. Testing was frustrating with very few laps available due to black flags, and official practise was in the wet. We qualified 9th, only 0.5 seconds from 3rd position.

We made further improvements for the race, but a collision while passing another car severely damaged our left front suspension, dropping us down to 18th. Josh drove it back to 9th, and the bent parts held up amazingly. Racing can be very frustrating……