TA2 Race Car Rentals

2008 Trans Am Corvette

Sold: January 2014

All the best stuff. Competitive and fully rebuilt,  a top 5 car in SCCA Pro Trans-Am.

For the experienced driver looking to move up to GT1 or go pro in the Trans Am series, this is the perfect vehicle. Meticulously built and maintained, this car is reliable and fast and comes with a comprehensive spares package.

– Pro PME engine, fresh with zero hours

– Hewland Wide gearbox, with spare gears and misc. parts

– 4.5” clutch – Carbon Fiber driveshaft

– Mitler Bros rear end housing, camber/toe adjustable

– Penske 3-way shocks, freshly rebuilt by RE Suspensions

– Brembo calipers, floating rotors

– Kirkey containment seat, Schroth belts

– Fresh paint job, new windshield/rear “glass”

– New rod-ends

– Fuel Cell replaced, valid till 2017

– spare package

For more details contact Blaise at 647-283-1306 or blaise.csida@bcracecars.com

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