TA2 Race Car Rentals

BCR Sebring TA2 Test Report  

We were fortunate to be treated to two glorious days of testing at Sebring International with our TA2 cars on a David Murray event. Driver was Josh Hurley, who also brought along ace engineer Elton Wong. Between the 3 of us, and our superb crew, led by Zac Mahoney, we truly made some strides in our car development.

For obvious reasons, we cannot post on-board footage before the actual race weekend, let’s just say we are excited to go back and compete. Our car has finally settled down, is easy to drive, good on tires, and fast!

We have one seat available for the Sebring race. If you ever wanted to try a Trans-Am race, we have a winning capable car, along with a fantastic driver coach to guide you. Please contact Blaise @ 647-283-1306 for details.