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Solid At Road Atlanta for BCR

Josh Hurley Road Atlant March 2024

We made good progress with our development of our #20 TA2 BCR Mustang at Road Atlanta, round 2 of the SCCA Trans-Am Pro TA2 class.

After our engine troubles at Sebring, we installed a brand new engine. Katech was able to hook us up with only a few days allotted for shipping and installation. The engine worked great, and depending on aero settings, we were not struggling for straight line speed.

We also worked the rear suspension over, and the new design proved to be a substantial improvement; no insecurity under heavy braking and excellent power down.

Josh did a great job for only his second TA2 race, constantly improving with each session with the help of some good adjustments from the engineers and crew. He was P4 by the second test session, but practise did not allow for a clear lap and we ended up 8th. Unfortunately, this became the qualifying session and race grid due to inclement weather.

The race proved very exciting, with Josh making some great moves. Unfortunately we developed some brake issues early in the race, which prevent us finishing higher. Still, very well driven and a solid top 5!

On to New Orleans with some further improvements……