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Podium For BCR at Detroit

Chris Green | ChrisGreenPhoto.com

Barry Boes 2023 Detroit Grand Prix

Detroit has always been good to BC Race Cars, and this year was no exception. Wonderful weather, great event, cool and challenging track and a podium finish (after penalties) topped off the weekend.

As a new venue for SCCA Pro Trans-Am, we had zero information for set up or gearing. Of course, we calculated straight-away length off Google Maps but that doesn’t account for entry corner radius or braking zone on the other end. Being cautious, we over estimated top speed, overestimated brake cooling requirements and under estimated the circuit’s bumpiness.

As a result, Friday’s practice and Saturday’s qualifying were slightly disappointing, but we kept working away at it. To complicate matters, we had to count on massive track evolution. We got most of it sorted by Saturday’s first race, and both cars did great, finishing 7th and 15th.

For the final race on Sunday, we made massive changes to Misha’s #10 BCR Mustang, and it paid off. He battled in 5th place, defending against Adrian Wlostowski for most of the race, an amazing and clean race that was thrilling to watch. An unfortunate incident on a late restart lost Misha a bunch of positions, but he recovered to a 9th place finish.

Barry Boes in the #20 BCR Mustang drove an awesome race, making up positions slowly but steadily. Wasn’t easy as he had to get used to this spare car, his primary car being damaged at Limerock the week before. He was in 10th at that restart, made some great avoidance moves missing the wreck, and ended up with a podium! Well done Barry, his first ever professional podium finish. May you and BCR have many more together!