TA2 Race Car Rentals

One done, One to go!

With two Trans-Am TA2 cars to build in a short time, the BC Race Cars team was very busy thru the holidays. We are happy to report that the first car is 100% completed.

Complicating matters was the constant shortage of parts and materials. Some parts for this car were ordered in August, luckily we have plenty of experience having built 10 of these machines for ourselves and customers in the last few years and knew what to order well in advance.

This latest creation is the #10 BCR Ford Mustang. We switched to the Ford body this year, as the series finally allowed the LS based “Katech Choice” engine package that has proven so incredible reliable, with the Ford body. The car features numerous improvements, mostly evolutionary, based on last year’s super successful #20 Camaro design.

Driver Misha Goikhberg has had his initial fitting, and we made the inevitable little comfort changes such as heel support location and angle, pedal placement, mirrors, etc. We plan to shake down the car at Sebring on February 1-2, in preparation for the upcoming TA2 race.

In the meantime, work frantically continues on Michele’s car………