TA2 Race Car Rentals

BCR’s latest Rental Ride

BC Race Cars Inc is pleased to announce the addition of the #82 Ford Taurus ASA Stock car to our fleet of professionally prepared race cars available for rent.

Even though our TA2 program has enjoyed great success in the US, racing in SCCA Pro Trans-Am, we have been struggling to fill the seats locally in the Ontario Pirelli GT Sprint series, even after winning the GT-1 Championship in 2017 and 2020. Some of our customers suggested an equally potent but less expensive car.

Customer David Sim was kind enough to sell us this outstanding machine. Many years ago he hired me to help him buy the right car, and he did a wonderful job of maintaining and improving it thru the years. But we did not rest on his laurels; we rebuilt the engine and added a 4-stage dry sump system, replaced the brake pedal and rebuilt the brake system, added 4” brake ducts, along with regular maintenance and our famous set-up. We also installed a defroster system and windshield wiper. We added an AIM Solo 2 for telemetry and a camera for some in-car video should any customer require some serious coaching! Of course, the seat is on a slider and the steering column can tilt and telescope to accommodate almost any driver and the latest digital radios ensure clear communications.

Another appeal of the car is its low cost and eligibility in so many series, including GT Sprints, Varac G90, and SVRA to name a few. Interested parties please contact Blaise at 647 283 1306 for details, full season deals available in Canada.