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BCR Visits Morse Measurements for K&C Testing

In order to further improve our chassis, BCR took our latest TA build to Morse Measurements in North Carolina for kinematics and compliance testing. The test was most productive and utterly interesting.



There are very few K&C rigs in North America, such testing equipment is generally exclusive to auto manufacturers. The one at Morse Measurements is the only independent facility to offer this kind of testing to the public, more information is available on their website: morsemeasurements.com

Although the test is not cheap, the information we gained is invaluable; we were able to compare design geometry to actual production geometry, evaluate different chassis features (such as the effectiveness of engine bay strut bars), and gain valuable information about measured wheel rates, anti-roll bar contributions and range, etc. We also learnt a lot about chassis and component compliance and where/how we can improve our chassis.

It will take us a few weeks to analyze all the data, and thankfully we have the expertise of some incredible engineers to help us. We will then re-design and fabricate some new components for further testing in.