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BC Race Cars on the Shaker!







In an effort to take our program to the next level, BCR arranged a shaker rig test at the Multimatic facility in Markham, Ontario with the #78 Trans-Am TA2 Camaro. Shaker rigs, among other things, are used to optimize spring/shock combinations thus achieving ideal damping levels for a certain spring package.

The experience was awesome, we learnt a ton about the car, and race engineering in general. Special thanks to friend and main engineer for the day, Leigh Pettipas, and the wonderful staff at Multimatic, Tony and Joey.

We evaluated almost 40 different set-ups, and the BCR crew, as usual, was up to the task with lightening quick spring/shock changes. Hopefully we can translate this newly found knowledge to lap times! We will be testing some of what we learnt at our first race in Sebring, FL in just a few weeks.