TA2 Race Car Rentals


Our passion for tube frame cars started with Trans-Am, watching 30+ of those 800 HP monsters at Mosport on the traditional May 24 weekends every year.

Eventually, we started participating and became a constructor, having delivered 14 TA cars in the last 15 years. With the introduction of TA2, we switched our focus from the “big” cars as we recognized the appeal of the new class was its competitiveness, relative low cost, and huge fields.

We are not allowed to manufacture our own chassis in this class and therefore became a Howe dealer, using their basic designs and then modifying them within the rules. The result is a car that does not disappoint; we have won races and placed on the podium numerous times with many different drivers. Most importantly, all drivers agree that they are the best and easiest TA2 cars they have ever driven. We are currently building car # 10, with many more orders to fill!

Why Drive a BRC TA2?

We have had the fortune of working with some amazing drivers to tune our set-ups: AJ Almendinger, Tony Ave, Misha Goikhberg, and Mike Skeen to name a few. We never rest, always looking for ways to improve the cars. In professional racing, you cannot stand still.

Building so many cars also allows us to try different ideas. Our latest #10 is a departure from the traditional cars we have built and we proved the concept at Sebring before offering it for rent.

We only maintain two-three TA2 cars in our rental fleet, always completely rebuilt and never more than a few years old, and identically prepared. We impose this limit because we aim to provide top-level service and experience to all our drivers, not just the “fast” ones.

We invite you to contact us for driving opportunities, either for testing or full professional competition in Trans-Am.


TA Cars built by BC RACE CARS