TA2 Race Car Rentals

BC RACE CARS 2015 Trans Am Team

Since 1999, BC RACE CARS, has engineered and produced top performing Trans Am legal GT1 race cars in Canada. Our dedicated support staff is comprised of professional race car mechanics, fabricators, designers, that hold licenses in specific fields of the trade, as well accomplished race car drivers.

Blaise Csida, owner and operator of BC RACE CARS has competed with Trans Am since 2004. Teammates include fellow Canadian race car owners, Andrew Romocki and Allan Lewis that joined Trans Am in 2012 with
Mike McGahern following suit in 2013 in his TA2 race car. During the 2014 race season we introduced Harry Steenbakkers to Trans Am in our newly prepared 2014 BCR Camaro rental car. At the end of the 2014 race season, Harry’s Father, Marc Steenbakkers had BC RACE CARS build them their own 2014 Camaro that will be managed by Calabogie Motorsports with our support.

For a limited 6 race schedule in 2015, BC RACE CARS Inc. is pleased to announce that Steve Kent Jr. will be piloting the #07 2014 TA2 BCR Camaro.

BC RACE CARS continues to welcome new drivers to Trans Am by either renting or providing support to owner operated TA and TA2 race cars.


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Andrew Romocki:  http://www.gotransam.com/drivers/index.cfm?did=4854

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