No Breaks at Mid-Ohio for BCR

  It was a tough weekend for BC race cars at Mid-Ohio, one of the premier events for Trans-Am on the calendar, supporting NASCAR’s Xfinity series.  

Testing and practise went well for all 3 cars, and the crew was almost bored at not having to do much. We tuned the cars, played with set-ups and weight, and were utterly satisfied with the speeds the cars/drivers showed, looking forward to qualifying. 

Qualifying was cancelled due to thunderstorms moving thru the area, a bummer as Trans-Am would line up the cars based on championship points, which none of the three drivers had. As such, we were starting last….. 

Harry Steenbakkers had a fabulous start, and quickly moved up to the top ten within a few laps! His progress was remarkable considering the strong 26 car field and we were poised for a great top 5 finish. But, as luck would have it, the transmission shifter broke, a very rare failure. Harry struggled for as long as he could, trying to twist the knob and find gears, but finally retired on lap 32. What a wasted opportunity….. 

Steve Kent Jr. in our BCR green machine also had a good start, slowly but surely working his way to the front. With some great moves, a really fast car, good driving and some lucky yellow flags, we found ourselves in 4th place!!!! A great battle ensued for 4th with Lawrence Loshak, awesome racing, side-by-side, Loshak eventually getting 4th from us. Shortly after, the 6th place car simply punted us off the track, and we eventually finished 11th. The disappointment was excruciating!   

But, our bad luck would continue in the TA race as well. Steve Kent Jr in a last minute deal, decided to run our #15 TA car. Starting last, and NEVER having driven the car, he quickly found his way around, and moved up steadily in the race, getting faster lap after lap. He would progress all the way to 7th position by lap 13, only to have radiator cap failure retire him early. There is always next year…..

BCR Visits Morse Measurements for K&C Testing

In order to further improve our chassis, BCR took our latest TA build to Morse Measurements in North Carolina for kinematics and compliance testing. The test was most productive and utterly interesting.



There are very few K&C rigs in North America, such testing equipment is generally exclusive to auto manufacturers. The one at Morse Measurements is the only independent facility to offer this kind of testing to the public, more information is available on their website:

Although the test is not cheap, the information we gained is invaluable; we were able to compare design geometry to actual production geometry, evaluate different chassis features (such as the effectiveness of engine bay strut bars), and gain valuable information about measured wheel rates, anti-roll bar contributions and range, etc. We also learnt a lot about chassis and component compliance and where/how we can improve our chassis.

It will take us a few weeks to analyze all the data, and thankfully we have the expertise of some incredible engineers to help us. We will then re-design and fabricate some new components for further testing in.

BCR Becomes EMCO dealer for Ontario

We are pleased to announce that BC Race Cars Inc. became a dealer for EMCO Gears Inc. for Ontario, Canada. Furthermore, we are excited to have the new EMCO developed 5 speed sequential transmission as our standard transmission for all TA cars that we build.

Emco is a world-class manufacturer of gearboxes and transaxles, including racing, aerospace, commercial and military markets.  Check out their website:

BCR has been rebuilding racing transmissions for many years and our experience includes all types of 4-speed dogboxes (Jerico, G-Force, Mid-Valley, etc.) as well as Hewland, Weissman, and Emco. We just finished rebuilding a 6-speed DV-46 for a local customer.


Please contact us for all your transmission needs.



































For Rent: TA and TA2 Race Cars

BC Race Cars Inc. is pleased to offer the TA C6 Corvette and the TA2 Camaro for arrive-and-drive packages during the 2017 Race Season.

We are a professional racing team, having run in Trans-Am with TA and TA2 cars.






Our cars are meticulously prepared, and these car have finished every race they have entered (other than driver        crashing) mechanically and placing  in the top 10.  In addition, we carry a huge inventory of spare parts, such as engines, transmission, rear end, steering, etc., to give you the best chance of finishing the       weekend.

Interested parties please contact Blaise:

BC Race Cars Inc.



Brainerd Report

After a long absence, it was a pleasure to be racing again in the SCCA Trans-Am series, specifically at   Brainerd International Raceway, with owner Jed Copham and his freshly rebuilt BCR C7 Corvette.

Jed had thoroughly tested the new machine before the weekend, and had identified a number of issues, which we resolved promptly. We worked mostly on set-up as well as some transmission issues Saturday. We got it all sorted, and Jed qualified 4th with a fastest ever lap for him in a TA car!

The race was very entertaining, as Jed lost some positions at the start. He made back a spot and settled into a comfortable pace keeping up to the cars ahead of him. The pack remained relatively close, and a mid-race yellow helped bunch the field up. After the restart, there was great racing everywhere in the field, including Jed, working hard to close on Amy Ruman for 4th place. They were trading lap times back and forth, but close to the end, Jed came around the turn ahead of Amy, claiming 4th place and his best ever finish in a Trans-Am race.

We hope Jed will do a few more races with his new car, and that we can support him in the future!

BCR Delivers almost new TA Car

With a serial number MP-002 (we are currently building MP-014), this Corvette was the very first race car designed and built by Blaise Csida of BC Race Cars in 2004 for the SCCA Trans-Am series. After a colourful history and a number of owners, Jed Copham of Brainerd International Raceway purchased the vehicle. He quickly realized it was no longer competitive, and in desperate need of some TLC.

Jed arranged to ship the car back to the “factory”, where the BCR team would undertake the 6 month project to completely refurbish the car. Strip it to the bare chassis, sand blast it, evaluate every part and come up with a plan.





After extensive chassis modifications, almost every component was rebuilt or replaced. A new carbon fiber C7 Corvette body was mounted. Exhaust, suspension, interior, rear housing, accessories, dash were all addressed.

We were proud to deliver this gorgeous machine to Jed, basically a brand new car. And significantly lighter as well! We hope he enjoys driving it, and we look forward to supporting him in the Trans-Am series.

2017 Sebring Report


Beautiful Florida sunshine was the standard for the season opener of the SCCA Trans-Am series at Sebring International. BC Race Cars fielded 2 TA2 and 1 TA car, entering the weekend with anticipation of large car counts and great racing on the new series regulated Pirelli tires.

Kevin Poitras started out with a bang, setting fastest time in first practise. Obviously our set-up suited the new radials better or we just made a better guess. Thru-out practise, Kevin was always in the top ten, even after a crash in T17 which the remarkable BCR crew repaired overnight. Qualifying saw some blistering lap times as the other teams had figured out the set up, but our #73 still placed 11th with a sub-2:10 lap time.

Ron Keith was steadily coming up to speed thru-out the practise sessions, not having driven a race car for 8 months. By qualifying, the BCR crew managed to adjust the car to his liking and Ron pulled off a 12th, right behind his team-mate, out of this ultra-competitive 28 car field.

Not having done any long runs on the Pirelli tires, we anticipated having to save the rears thru the race distance. As it turned out, a massive wreck caused a 25 minute red flag condition and our “saving tire” strategy back fired. With only 4 laps of green, both cars were running around where they qualified, eventually finishing 10th for Ron and 15th for Kevin after a penalty that pushed him out of the top 10.

Blaise Csida  struggled to come up to speed, new car and not having driven for 3 years. The TA cars had very little practise, marred by red flags and 2 lap runs. In qualifying, the #15 layed down a 10th place lap early on, but was unable to improve with traffic and yet another red flag. Disappointed, as even with the 100 lbs penalty, the car was significantly faster than the driver….

The disappointment continued in the race as the hood popped up at the start, blocking visibility. Blaise puttered back to pit lane where the crew promptly fixed the problem, and drove an uneventful race eventually finishing 10th one lap down.

All the BCR cars ran flawlessly all weekend, a testament to the preparation of the crew. Both the #15 TA car and #25 TA2 Camaro are available to qualified drivers for the next Trans-Am events, please contact Blaise for details.

TA #15 qualifying lap with Blaise at Sebring

BCR Announces Drivers for 2017 Trans-Am Season


BC Race Cars Inc. is pleased to announce our driver line up for the 2017 SCCA Pro Trans-Am series. In no particular order: 

KevinPoitrasBlackKevin Poitras, a fellow Canadian and experienced TA2 driver, who has numerous podiums to his credit, will be piloting the #73 Mustang TA2 BCR prepared race car. Primary sponsors are MBRP Inc., a performance exhaust manufacturer for automotive, off road, ATVs, diesel, and other motorized vehicles and Post Plastics Inc., a company specializing in the recycling of plastic products. “We are super excited to have Kevin running with us. He has shown speed, consistency and a calm approach to racing” says crew-chief John Maloney.  

RonKeithBlackRon Keith, of Shawnee KS, will step into BCR’s own TA2 Camaro, still the Green Machine, but re-bodied and completely rebuilt/upgraded for the new rules package, now numbered #25. Ron has won and podiumed numerous times in Trans-Am, and had been teammate to Kevin in seasons past. Ron brings Arbor Master Tree Service as a primary sponsor, and the experience of Rick Bebee, crew chief, to the team. “We are so pleased to have Ron drive for us and for Rick to join us; the experience they bring should propel us to the next level” says team principal Blaise Csida.    

BlaiseCsida331068-0Partial schedules will also showcase the other BCR house car, the #15 C6 TA Corvette running select races. The car was originally built by BCR and purchased back from its owner, Allan Lewis. After a 3 year hiatus, team principal Blaise Csida, will be driving this beautiful machine for a few select races, when it is not contracted to other drivers. 

MichaelMcGahernBlackMike McGahern returns for another partial 2017 schedule in the #48 TA2 BCR Camaro with some further upgrades. First scheduled race will be Atlanta for Mike, where he hopes to capitalize on the new Pirelli radial tires, which should suit the chassis design better than the previous bias-ply tires.

HarrySteenbakkersBlackHarry Steenbakkers also returns for a few races in his #78 TA2 Camaro, University schedule permitting. Harry has shown incredible speed and the team is working to correct some mysterious issues that surfaced at the last race in Daytona.

We thank Trans-Am management for its efforts to improve the series, both the schedules and rules packages. They have made some very difficult but necessary changes, which should lead to an even more competitive series in 2017!

BCR Salvages two top 10s at Daytona!

Not the ending to a most successful season we were hoping for, but we still walked away proud of our drivers, crew and the race cars we prepared.

BCR had four cars running at the season    finale for the SSCA Trans-Am TA2 series, welcoming Kevin Poitras to the team. Thursday’s practise proved tough as all cars reported very loose and we simply were not up to our usual speed at this great racing track.

So we went back to baseline, re-scaling and repairing all the cars, and Friday proved much better, as the drivers reported significant improvements. In qualifying, Steve Kent Jr. led the way with an 8th  place  effort, having received a significant tow from team mate Kevin on his hot lap.        Kevin,  unfortunately, did not get a clear lap in, placing him 14th.

Harry Steenbakkers also got no help, but somehow managed a super lap, placing him 10th on the grid. Mike McGahern similarly struggled to hook up with a drafting   partner, but also qualified a personal best lap time, placing him 17th. We were super       excited for our race chances as we knew the cars and drivers did not show their full potential in qualifying!

Racing can be a cruel sport at times, with all 4 of our cars suffering from various      ailments during the race. Harry’s #78         developed an engine problem on lap 1 that we could not remedy in the pits, retiring on lap 7. Mike’s #48 BCR/Ottawa Solar Power Camaro had to run off course to avoid a major crash when two cars spun in front of him, severely damaging the car as the splitter dug into the earth. While the damage was mostly repaired in pit lane, Mike was too many laps down and  effectively out of the competition, reliability earning him a  respectable 17th place finish.

The #07 Millers Oils/BCR Camaro and Kevin’s #73 MBRP/Post Plastics Mustang got into a fender-bender on the first lap, caving in the noses of the cars. At this high speed circuit, such parachutes created so much drag that the cars lost 5-10 mph on the banking, and they became sitting ducts for their competitors.  Even so, they finished 9th and 10th  respectively, dreaming of what could have been!

Again, many thanks to the crew for their tiredless dedication in     giving us safe, fast and reliable race cars!

BCR Delivers New TA Car

bc-racing-yellow-corvetteBC Race CARS Inc.       is proud to have          delivered a brand new Trams-Am spec TA race car to  Larry          Lepurage of Maspeth, NY,  #12 of a series of tube frame cars we have built over the years.  

The car was originally intended to be a house car with lots of new components and materials to showcase our  engineering and           fabrication skills. A clean sheet design with an all new suspension geometry, seamless square chrome moly tubing, adjustable and    programmable electric power steering and all the high-end                    components one would expect from a modern TA car. Halfway thru the build, Larry purchased the car.

Wrapped in the gorgeous Corvette C7 bodywork, BCR took it to our home track, Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (Mosport), for a few shake down laps. The car drove perfectly and after a thorough     cleaning was ready to meet its new owner at the New Jersey         Motorsport Park.

We final fitted Larry to the car, and worked with him over the next few days to fine tune some specifics to his liking: brake/throttle placement, Aim dash placement, seat belts, etc. He got up to speed quickly and    entered the car in Saturday’s NASA race where he grabbed pole and took victory. Simply does not get better than that! 

We thank Larry for the business and hope to support him at a few   Trans-Am events in 2017.



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