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Great First Visit to Laguna Seca

BC Race Cars’ first visit to beautiful California as part of the Trans-Am series proved a wonderful experience on many fronts.

Only our #25 Camaro with Ethan Wilson driving went as Misha had a direct conflict with his IMSA program. We were fortunate to have partnered with Tom Sheehan and his awesome crew who not only transported our car and allowed us to work out of their trailer, but helped and supported us all weekend. Our success is their achievement as well and proves the friendships between teams that exist off the track in the Trans-Am series. Thank you Tom and all your guys!

We did not unload well. Our information on gearing was completely inaccurate and Ethan reported a fair bit of understeer. We were able to quickly address these issues, and Ethan made us proud when he stuck the #25 Camaro in second during qualifying, narrowly missing the pole by 0.15 seconds!

We also enjoyed a good race, although we struggled a bit to keep pace with the lead pack. Regardless, Ethan brought the car home in 3rd place, marking his first ever Trans-Am podium finish and BCR first for the season!  

Thanks to the BC Race Cars crew who did such a great job! Their jobs were even harder as the engineering was done remotely, which meant they now also had to gather and constantly feed data back to home base. Well done guys!

Trans-Am Race Report- BCR

It has been a mixed beginning to the 2019 racing season in SCCA Pro Trans-Am for the BCR team of Camaros.

We unload well off the trailer, always quick in testing and practise, qualify well but have missed the podium at both Sebring and Atlanta. Our cars have the speed; just the podium has eluded us so far.

At Sebring, both Misha and Ethan were quick in practise but “only” qualified 6th and 7th respectively, having missed the balance just slightly. Ethan drove a great, steady race and finished a respectable 6th. Misha had an engine electrical glitch right before the race and had to start from the pits. He drove right up to 9th, turning some awesome laps in traffic, but suffered a cut right front tire and could not continue.

Round two at Road Atlanta had the highest of highs when Misha put the #10 BCR Camaro on the pole, with Ethan a strong 6th in the #25 car. This marked the first pole for BCR, a monumental moment for a small team and a testament to our crew and Misha’s driving talent.

Unfortunately, the race did not go our way. An incident with another car forced Misha off track and dropped him out of contention. He came back to finish 10th.

Ethan, on the other hand had a great race!  He was consistent and quick, earning a well-deserved 4th, matching his career best!

Although we all dream of being on top of the podium, we are truly grateful for having two very talented drivers and the exceptional BCR crew working together and striving for great results.

Misha Goikhberg and BCR Grab Pole in Atlanta!

   For the first time in BC Race Cars’s history, we achieved pole position!  Misha Goikhberg  drove the #10 TA2 BCR Camaro to the #1 spot at Road Atlanta for round 2 qualifying of the SCCA Pro Trans-Am series.

Although both cars were quick all weekend, Misha was not happy with the balance and unpredictable handling of the car during this morning’s practise. The crew and engineers went to work and with only minutes left to grid were able to complete a thorough rework of the set-up. Misha drove an incredible lap, right on the ragged edge and that was enough for this awesome moment for him and his team!

“I am so ecstatic right now” says Blaise, team owner of BCR. “We have been close so many times, and I am so proud of my driver and crew and engineers who work well together to achieve this result. Let’s not forget that Ethan in the #25 sister Camaro qualified 6th, so 2 cars up there with a chance to win tomorrow is fantastic!”

Of course, the real target is tomorrow’s race and we are working hard to anticipate a change in weather and how that will impact track conditions and set-up.


We are ready for the season opener of the 2019 SCCA Pro Trans-Am series, to be held at Sebring International Raceway in Florida, March 1-3.

Our new TA2 Howe bare roller was late arriving, but we managed to build it in plenty of time for our trip south.   

We finally had the opportunity to get together last night with Misha Goikhberg to show him his new ride, as well as complete the final adjustments.  Other than a few minor tweaks to seating, pedals and etc, the car was prepared perfectly for Misha.   We are super excited to evaluate the changes we have engineered into this new machine.

Our #25 BCR Camaro of last season received the same attention. We rebuilt the entire car mechanically, and also upgraded it with all the new features we built into Misha’s #10 BCR Camaro.  

BC Race Cars is very pleased to announce our second driver for this successful race car, Ethan Wilson of Loomis, California. Ethan is no stranger to TA2 racing, he finished 3rd in the 2018 TA2 Championship with consistent finishes! We are excited to have him and look forward to running two identical race cars, and the engineering possibilities that it represents.

We want to thank our BCR guys, Mike Nelson and Matt Waugh for the effort and work they put into making this happen on time!

Misha G. joins BCR for 2019

BCR is excited to announce that Misha Goikhberg will become our full time driver for the 2019 season in SCCA Pro Trans-Am TA2 competition. This will mark the first time that BCR will be competing the entire series, versus doing one-off rentals.

Misha, who is also a full time driver in the IMSA Weather Tech Championship, driving the #85  Cadillac Prototype for JDC-Miller Motorsports, was originally looking to expand his experience by doing some Trans-Am racing. 2018 was an introductory year, where he competed with BCR in 5 events, always showing as a top level driver, and finishing a best of second at COTA after an epic race-long battle.

Loving the competition in Trans-Am and the comradery, Misha decided to join the series full time. “I couldn’t be happier! Misha is not only a great driver who showcases our cars, but we really seemed to hit it off this season. The weekends are super enjoyable with the ability to joke and laugh, yet take the racing very seriously” says team owner Blaise Csida.

“I am excited to join BC Race Cars for a full time campaign representing a fellow GM brand in the process alongside my Cadillac duties in DPi. I was always curious about Trans-Am, and after trying it last year I really enjoy the championship, the cars and the racing. Doing a full campaign is always beneficial, and I am hoping more experience in the car will result in consistent results, which will lead to a fight for a championship” states Misha Goikhberg.

To accomplish our goals, BCR is building a new, second TA2 car.  As a driver used to open wheel cars, Misha required some items to be changed. This car is being built specifically around his unique requirements, along with all the upgrades we have engineered into our 2018 #25 Camaro, which is still available for another driver.

We are getting the chassis and body from Howe in the next few weeks, barely giving us enough time to complete the build with our unique components for the series opener at Sebring, March 1-3.  We have now built five TA2 cars, so we know exactly what is required, and parts are steadily rolling in.

We simply cannot wait for 2019 racing season!!

TA2 Ride available for 2019

BCR is proud to offer our #25 TA2 Camaro for the 2019 SCCA Pro Trans-Am series to funded drivers. This is a remarkable race car that was built in 2018 and competed in 8 TA2 races last year, always running in the top 5! We also had 3 podiums with 3 different drivers, which speaks for how good the car is and how easily we can change it to suit individual driving technique.

We are a professional racing team, and carry spares to fix just about any issue at the track. Our car finished all sessions and races last year, save for driver induced crashes.

Please contact us for details, preference will be given to drivers who want to do the series or multiple races.

Blaise Csida


Race Car Apprentice Needed!

BC Race Cars Inc., a premier road racing company located near Peterborough, Ontario is seeking self-motivated, reliable individuals with a great attitude. This is an entry level opportunity; we are willing to train and allow the applicant to grow with us. Must meet the following criteria:

  • Must have valid driver’s license
  • Must have passport to travel to USA
  • Must have mechanical aptitude, preference given to stock car racers/mechanics
  • Must be reliable with positive attitude, and anxious to learn
  • Must be willing to commit to entire racing season

We offer excellent salary with lots of overtime possibility, and great working environment. This is an exciting job, where no two days are the same! Interested applicants contact:

Blaise Csida


Rebuilding Time at BCR!

While the winters are long in Ontario, there is no time to waste. We are heading to Sebring in February, leaving only a few months to rebuild the cars.

The last few weeks have been dedicated to rear ends and transmissions, some new that needed gear changes, some old, and some in between. But we don’t only do 4-speeds; any racing transmission; four, five or six speed, gated or sequential. Please give us a call if you need yours done and avoid the spring rush!




647 283 1306

Race Report from COTA/Daytona

Back to back race weekends in Texas and Florida marked the season’s end for the SCCA Trans-Am series and BCR’s final races for 2018. It was a most enjoyable trip all around, having travelled thru 16 states and driven over 7,000 kms, a testament to Penny’s (our team manager and organizer) planning talents.

COTA provided the closest finish in Trans-Am history, the win decided by 0.06 seconds. Unfortunately, we finished 2nd, but we were very satisfied with a great weekend and an amazing drive by Misha Goikhberg who was never separated by more than 0.6 seconds from Gar Robinson thru the entire race. Two great drivers, two great cars, trading spots back and forth. This podium marked the 3rd consecutive podium finish for BC Race Cars’s #25 TA2 Camaro, with 3 different drivers! We think a first achievement in TA2 competition history.


Daytona was also exciting, where all the teams were pushed to the limit to change the cars over from COTA to Daytona set-up and make the 1800 km trip in time for load-in. We were fast out of the box, but soon realized that our tired engine (ran all season in the car) was no match at this horsepower track . As usual, Misha did an outstanding job, but lost the draft in quali and we ended up 6th. Misha worked his way up to 4th when we were punted from behind, falling back to outside the top 10. With less than 10 laps to go, Misha was on a mission, and drove all the way back to a 5th place finish!

We thank all our great drivers this year; Tony Ave, Misha Goikhberg, and Harry Steenbakkers for showing what our car can do! Also many thanks to our crew, Mike Nelson, John Bissette, Jeff Porter who worked tirelessly to prepare and maintain the race car (which did not have a single DNF), our Team Manager  and our engineers.

Watch a quali lap with Misha at COTA:

“Super Car” ready for Delivery

BC Race Cars is proud to complete another ground-up build, a hybrid Trans-Am/Super-production race car, the 14th TA-based chassis we have manufactured.

Dubbed the “ Super Car” by owner Steve Burns, this car represents the most complex and sophisticated race car we have ever built at BC Race Cars. The challenge was to build a car that is far quicker than a regular Trans-Am car, but can be converted to a legal TA machine quickly and easily.

We realized early in the design stage that this could only be achieved thru aerodynamic additions; we would leave the chassis, driveline and most of the bodywork as per Trans-Am rules for easy conversion. AMB Aero of Japan was contracted to evaluate the current aero and design the upgrades required. With their expertise and a 100 hours of CFD work, they presented the final drawings, which included a unique nose, upgraded wing, and full undertrays.

In its TA form, this is already a wicked machine; we spent time at a K & C rig to evaluate the chassis, and made changes based on our findings. All the modern, top level parts can be found; Lozano D3 engine, Emco 5-speed sequential gearbox, Motec dash and telemetry with all the sensors and rear view camera to name a few.

Unbolt the nose and rear wing, install the Super nose and wing and add two under trays is all it takes for the conversion; it generates approximately 4 times the down force of a regular Trans-Am car! In fact, it generates enough that we had to add bump stops in the suspension to prevent the car from being slammed into the ground!

We are grateful to Steve for allowing us to design, engineer and build this beauty; it has been a most complex and rewarding challenge! We anxiously await this car’s development while we ponder its potential.